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Family Centered

The Villas at Green Valley Assisted Living and Memory Care Neighborhood supports and fosters a home and family atmosphere for our residents, their families, and our staff. We encourage our residents’ families to participate with us in daily routines, meals, events, and activities. Each resident feels like their Villa is their home, and their caregivers and fellow residents are a second family. Regular interactive communication between family and certified caregivers is vital to our residents care. Our homes also offer several options for families to spend private time together.

      • Managers and caregivers learn residents care needs and their personal likes/dislikes
      • Consistent scheduling allows residents, families and staff to get to know each other
      • Regular manager and caregiver phone call wellness updates to resident families
      • Residents furnish and decorate their rooms with personal and family items
      • Residents are encouraged to display family and friends on wall displays
      • Open door policy for friends and family, 24 hours a day 7 days a week
      • Birthday and Holiday celebrations
      • Family oriented activities like barbeques,  Halloween parties, Santa visits
      • Spacious, private dining rooms for personal gatherings
      • Pets welcome
      • Non-denominational church service held every Sunday
      • Neighborhood and Villa activities